2024 MBA program (NCCU) interview notice. 4/29(Monday noon)政大企研所113學年外籍生面試時間通知

  • 2024-04-26
  • 戴雯華
Dear Applicants,

Thanks for your reply regarding to the Oral Examination that will take place on April 29 (Monday), 2024 at NCCU.

Please kindly note the following:

Please make sure to report to the MBA Office or be on Skype ON TIME.
  1. Please reply that you have received this notice before 5pm (Saturday), 27nd April 2024. (Local Taiwan Time)
  2. Required Documentation: ARC, Passport or Any Other Official Identification (with Photo).
  3. Oral Exam: Individual Schedule according to LOCAL Taipei Time.

MBA Program
NO Chinese Name English Name Registration Time Exam Time Note
1 何○庭 A. J. Hillis 12:25 12:30 Skype
2 張○茹 J. J. L. Tew 12:33 12:38 Skype
3 許○蘋 S. Kesuma 12:41 12:46 Skype
4 黎○芝 V. C. Le 12:49 12:54 Skype
5 林○汎 M. P. Lam 12:57 13:02 Skype
6 杜氏○ D. T. H. Duong 13:05 13:10 Skype
*The order is not the ranking.
  1. Contact: Miss Tai, Email:mba2@nccu.edu.twTEL: +886-2-2341-9151 Ext#1822

Thanks for your time and cooperation.

Shall you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.